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The secrets of Stanford petfood lie in premium quality of our products, which are made for health and well-being of your four-legged friends. 

We use high quality ingredients because we know how important it is to provide your pets with the finest and natural food to keep their health, temperament and the posibility of recovery in the best way.


Meat must mean meat, we proudly stand by the promise to deliver meat instead of pulp that once was meat. Because of our unique technology, we are able to retain the fiber structure and highest nutritional qualities of meat while being in full control of the form and the functional properties of the food we produce. It’s reach.


All dogs bite. But they don’t bit all the same. Depending on the race and habits, dogs need biting objects of diversified hardness. We provide a special product line meant not only for dental experiences: from health related to pure joy as well.


After all, dogs like to eat not mearly for energy but also for taste. Like humans. So, we treat our pets as if we treated demanding gourments. We are totally aware of the fact that only perfectly satisfied pets provide for repeated purchase of our products. And so we deliver. And they come for more.


The tiny things that makes huge impact. Once again, the needs vary from dog to dog and without full control over the pet food properties, it is easy to miss the nutritional target eather way. But the thing is, we are in full control so we can freely compose the ideal functional foods to meet the most demanding nutritional peculiarities of all races and age groups.


Our treats are perfectly tailored to specific energetic regimes of the dogs of varied races and ages. Which is of great importance as energy demands may vary over 10 times between particular dogs. Striking the exact balance of calorie intake is central to the health and nutritional comfort of our pets.


Of dogs and humans, the truth is the same. The contemporary diet must be reinforced with the particular set of vitamins to cope with these crazy time we live in. Our manufacturing process guarantees that our treats are optimal in the way they enrich daily foods with protective set of vitamins and needed minelars.